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Παραλία Αθέρας

The village of Atheras is located in Palliki, north of Lixouri. It is a mountain village but has a seaside resort on the beach, at a distance of about three kilometers.
Porto Atheras is sandy and is located in the center of a small, narrow bay, which protects it and keeps the waters calm and sheltered. The waters are shallow and blue and ideal for swimming but also for young children - it is one of the favorite beaches of families, as children here can play without fear of the sea. Opposite, a small island, Atheronisi completes the landscape.
Porto Atheras is a quiet, unorganized beach. You have to take care of the shade yourself, as there are no trees on the sand. Next to the beach, however, there is a traditional tavern, with dishes from the local cuisine of Kefalonia and fresh fish.

Nearby is the small marina of Porto Athera, the anchorage of the fishermen of the area.
At one end of the beach there is the beautiful church of Agios Spyridon which is the property of the Sakkatos - Kokotos family. It belongs to a complex with an old olive mill and a house, which has been considered preserved in its entirety since 1985. In the church in Porto Atheras there is a festival every year on August 11, when the miracles of St. Spyridon are celebrated, but also on December 12, the day of his feast.

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