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XI Spiaggia

Xi or Ksi Beach is a well-known and at the same time beautiful beach of Kefalonia, located 8km south of Lixouri. Xi Beach however has no steep cliffs or deep waters like most beaches in Kefalonia. Instead it’s very easily aaccessible, its water is very shallow and thus more than suitable for children. What makes Xi Beach so unique and extremely impressive is its reddish coloured sand. Because of its clayey composition, one can enjoy a natural and free spa session, as it is said to have cleaning and tightening effects on the skin. The beach is well organized; you will easily find parking, a canteen, a cafeteria and umbrellas. If you like you can also spread out your towels a bit farther to be more private. For water sport lovers, Xi Beach offers a large variety (Jet-Ski, Water-Ski etc.).

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